Lost in Rhum

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Lost in Rhum is the third remake of Board Enterprises' famous line of city supplements. With the changes in the new releases, some of the most loved locations in Rhum were doomed to be put off until much later modules. Lost in Rhum fixes that by detailing many of the original locations that are off the beaten path. Rather than cover a specific neighborhood, Lost in Rhum hits all the hot spots, no matter where they might be. This supplement is roughly three times the size of the original supplements and contains over 200 items for sale. Along with everything else, this supplement contains many of the night time hot spots as well as details on important underworld figures.

The City of Rhum is a modular city where neighborhoods are described in different supplements allowing you to pick and choose what you want to include. The Rhum supplements include character statistics for the Legend Quest game system, but as with most urban settings, Rhum can easily be shifted into a different set of rules.

Written by John Josten