Little Kingdoms: Birrowdaum

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So you're all set. The players are coming over. You have the mission all set, but you spent all your time writing the mission and making it perfect. You didn't have time to design a setting for the mission to take place in. You don't want your perfect mission to just take place in a white spot on your world map. You need to fill in the Open Space.

Look no further! This book will fill in that open space, giving you the background you need to get up and running immediately. Everything you need to run the setting is right here. This is not dependent on any other world or setting, nor is it designed to work with one specific set of rules. This is a truly generic module. Quick enough to be used, but deep enough to be used again.

This supplement contains:

  • 23 pages of content covering the Kingdom of Birrowdaum, a tiny, agricultural kingdom with quirky rulers.
  • 61 pages of content covering a Campaign Starter Kit where a plague of zombies attack Birrowdaum, including 36 sample player characters and extensive notes and ideas on zombie battles and adjusting the threat levels of the undead.