Legend Quest – Gold Edition

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Legend Quest, the high fantasy, paper RPG loved by fans and critics, is back in this exclusive downloadable format. The Gold edition of the rule book contains everything from the first two editions, including entries that were edited out of the second edition due to space concerns. This 130-page rule book contains the core rules for the game, including combat, magic and mentalism, as well as creatures and magic items. Also included are several optional rules, some of which were first showcased in the original supplements. No other rule book is required! Legend Quest is the role-playing game for those who have seen the issues with other games and want to work with a set of rules that work smoothly in every situation. Legend Quest is a full roleplaying game and not simply a combat system, but a fully integrated game. Fast to learn; fast to play; Legend Quest is the perfect roleplaying game for those who want it all.

Written by John Josten