Lava Rules! Fire and Brimstone

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Lava is an integral part of any great adventure setting. What's a great adventure climax without a simmering pool of lava ready to swallow unwary adventurers whole - and having every player leaping for the Bull Rush rules? In any campaign, sooner or later, somebody's going to fall into some lava.

For too long, lava has been the red-headed stepchild of environmental dangers. People focused on cooler and easier to manage threats - water, falling rocks, big pointy sticks, ancient dragons. Fire and Brimstone will change all of that. You will no longer think of lava as just red, glowing, viscous, and really, really hot. Lava will no longer be just something that flows under a rock bridge or at the bottom of a chasm. Explore the possibilities. Open up your games to lava!

"This is a breakthrough in determining a long burning question of great magmatude. I plan to institute this comprehensive rules coverage in the Lejendary Adventure game!" - Gary Gygax (yes, that Gary Gygax)

Did Gary Gygax really say that?

Yes. Yes, he did. Just like Wil Wheaton really said this: "My motto in gaming is 'don't be a dick' and nothing leads to dickish behavior faster than a rules disagreement. Thanks to Fire and Brimstone: Guide to Lava, Magma, and Superheated Rock players and DMs will never have to argue when resolving encounters with lava. Or Magma. Or Superheated Rock."

And Ed Greenwood really said this: "In every roleplaying game, situations arise that cry out for detailed, definitive rules. Fire and Brimstone fills that need, and is a must for every roleplaying completist, regardless of edition or game system being used. If I'd had Fire and Brimstone, things might have been very different for Elminster of Shadowdale. I would have known exactly how to handle the situation of his stepping into flowing lava, in the heat of play, rather than just simply de-feeting him. If you are a serious gamer, building a campaign you hope will last for years and become famous and spawn hundreds of products earning you (or more likely a game company) millions of dollars, you simply cannot afford to be without Fire and Brimstone. Fire and Brimstone is burningly essential to any roleplaying experience. It gilds the celestial throne of Roleplaying Heaven!"

And Peter Adkison really said this: "Back in the early 90's, while at Wizards of the Coast, we published 'Capsystems' like The Primal Order for using a set of rules with a variety of game systems. Then in the late 90's, came d20, another attempt at unifying RPG rules. But these rules on lava are the most elegant cross-platform rules yet, taking the philosophy of cross-system play to a whole new level!"

And Sue Cook really said this: "This marvel of brevity is a credit to its editor." And Paul Campion (texture painter for the Balrog) really said this: "Falling into lava is like trying to kiss a Balrog; it's a very stupid thing to do and you're going to die a very hot painful death." And he should know, right?

And Steve Kenson really said this: "The most realistic and elegant magma mechanic ever conceived for True20 . . . or any RPG!"

And Scott Rouse (Senior Brand Manager for Wizards of the Coast) really said this: "The risk of dying in a pyroclastic flow is ever present when you live and work in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes, but you tend to bury those thoughts deep in your subconscious. Fire and Brimstone! A Comprehensive Guide to Lava, Magma, and Superheated Rock provides a frightening and concise reminder of what can happen if you fall into lava. It presents rules that are relevant in real life or for use in any roleplaying game."

And Robin D. Laws really said this: "Not so much a game as a fully operational philosophy of life itself."

You know why they said those things? Because our lava rules are lavatastic.

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