Kobold Quarterly Magazine #02

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Kobold Quarterly Magazine #2

The early days of the world's last professional print and PDF RPG magazine! This one features art and artifice by some names you probably know if you played Dungeons & Dragons in any edition - including articles by the co-creators of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and an interview with fan favorite artist, Wayne Reynolds, and rules maestro Skip Williams.

Here's the table of contents:

  • Belphegor, the Baron of Laziness and Invention by Tim Connors
  • On the Streets Where Heroes Live by Ed Greenwood
  • King of All Monsters Interview with Wayne Reynolds
  • Assassins: the Core Class by Robert Schwalb
  • From the Outside In: Character Generation by Sigfried Trent
  • Ecology of the Barghest by Nicolas Logue
  • Ask the Kobold: Q&A by Skip Williams
  • My Kingdom for a Horse by John E. Ling
  • Joining the Noble Classes by Jeff Grubb
  • The Avatar of Hunger by Wolfgang Baur
  • Griffon Towers of the Margreve by Wolfgang Baur
Written by Rob Schwalb / Jeff Grubb / John E. Ling / Ed Greenwood / Wolfgang Baur / Nicolas Logue / Tim Connors / Eileen Connors / Sigfried Trent / Skip Williams