Kevin and Kell the Roleplaying Game

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Available Now!

Kevin and Kell the Roleplaying Game, a full color PDF is available now. Along with the full color PDF you will receive a black and white copy of the game PDF. This black and white copy is stripped of all images and is there for those who would like to print out all or any part of the book for game play.

The Kevin & Kell Roleplaying Game contains over 25 of your favorite characters from the world of Domain, plus complete rules to create your own character of any species you can imagine. Characters are endlessly customizable -- no species templates required! Play is simple and intuitive, powered by the Action! System™. All the important people and places of the comic are covered, from the rabbit warrens to Caliban Academy. You'll also get a unique glimpse of the history of the Dewclaws' world, shaped by animal instinct, universal intellect, and the influence of the secretive Great Bird Conspiracy.

Designed by HeartQuest project director Michael Hopcroft, the Kevin & Kell Roleplaying Game is illustrated throughout with actual strips from nine years of Kevin & Kell, with original art and a new full-color cover by Bill Holbrook himself. This is the only roleplaying game to be made with Mr. Holbrook's full approval and cooperation. Sure to please fans of the strip and dedicated roleplayers alike, the Kevin & Kell Roleplaying Game is a must-have!

Written by Jamie C. Borg / Michael Hopcroft