Insults & Injuries: A Role-Playing Game Sourcebook for Medical Maladies

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You have never read a game book quite like this one! Written by a practicing medical doctor, Insults & Injuries presents real-world illnesses in OGL 3.5 system game terms. Why afflict characters with "filth fever" when you can give them rabies, the black plague, or the flu?

Within this sourcebook, you will find dozens of sicknesses that your players already know and fear in a format that allows them to be easily and realistically brought into your games. You will also find expanded rules for more effective non-magical healing.

This detailed book is divided into an introduction, 13 chapters, and five appendices and includes:

  • Rules for more than 50 diseases and disorders, their game effects, and how they can be treated by both mundane and magical means.
  • A chapter on the effects of alcohol, drugs, and poisons.
  • A chapter on mental illnesses and their game effects.
  • Rules for adjudicating surgical procedures.
  • Three new prestige classes dedicated to nonmagical healing: the Alienist, Chirurgeon, and Physician.
  • Special rules on the effects of illnesses upon non-Humans like Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs.
  • New spells, equipment, and feats.

With this book, your players will never look at diseases the same way again!

Written by Eric Lis