Instant GM 2. On Your Mark, Get Set, GM

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The Instant GM has reached into his bag of tricks to produce a new volume. Instant GM II: On Your Mark, Get Set, GM! contains 50% more information than the first Instant GM to help you when your players suddenly take a left turn off of the planned adventure.

Instant GM II adds a new volume to the popular Stock Character. In addition to standard NPCs, it includes some more unusual but no less important characters like horses and the Nutcase. It also includes some mystical NPCs such as Angels, Androids, and Ghosts in case your party of brave adventurers wanders way off the beaten track.

By popular demand, the Rakugo Props are back, this time with three new items commonly found at the gaming table: books, cards, and glasses. This section explains security guards, Victorian gentlemen, and pulling yourself up a cliff, without having to bring any extra props to the table.

Instead of expanding on the list of Plot Seeds developed in the first Instant GM, this volume includes a section of Adventure Hooks for drawing the party into the story. It doesn't matter how good of an adventure you wrote; if you can't motivate the players and their characters to participate, nothing is going to happen. This also includes a section of Advanced Adventure Hooks for when you feel you and your group are ready for them.

An Appendix of quick reference tables is designed to help you use these books when you are improvising.

Finally there is a section of "Tips, Tricks, and Rants." This is advice that doesn't fit neatly in any single category, but will if you follow these suggestions; you will have to improvise less, and will be better equipped when you do.

Written by Ramsey Lundock