Infinite Horizons Issue #2

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This second issue of Avalon Games's great Sci-Fi e-zine, Infinite Horizons will bring to you all the great Sci-Fi stuff you have been wanting, and more.

Each issue is packed full of great gaming, fiction, comics and review. Did we mention that it's free?!?!


  • Infinite Futures, Heritage New Adaptoid
  • Infinite Futures, New Prestige Classes
  • Infinite Futures, New Feats
  • Infinite Futures, New Gear
  • Infinite Futures, Department 13
  • Infinite Futures, Pandemic
  • Virus Fight
  • LocoBlade


  • A New Beginning
  • Alien Flop
  • Stoli and Solitude
  • Coming Home
  • Skippy


  • Sorceress
  • Horror of Colony 6
  • Artist Spotlight, Gordon Napier
  • Wired
  • Worst Case
  • Dept 13


  • The Naming of Names
  • The Real Tatooine Planet