Heroes Inc. Set 2, Mini-Game #55

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The Cat sprang over the bank robber as her sidekick, the Mouse, dove for cover behind the counter. The bank robber sprayed the doorway with machine gun fire, enraged that the two super heroines had foiled his plans. As his gun spit hot lead, the Cat reversed her acrobatic leap and kicked the blood-thirsty robber in the head, ending the standoff and securing the hostages' safety.

This is Heroes Inc. a Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Taking the Steel and Glory skirmish game system and adding a super hero twist, we have come up with a great comic book hero game. Take your heroes and battle their greatest foes for control of the city. See if you can match the villainous cunning of an arch-fiend, or the super strength charge of some alien menace.

Written by Robert Hemminger