Heroes Inc. Set 1, Mini-Game #53

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Major Glory hit the Brute with a mighty upper cut, sending the villain high into the air to then crash into the bus across the street. The hero cringed at the damage being done in this brawl with the Brute; the Mayor would not be happy when he watched the news tonight. With a growl, the Brute climbed his way out of the wreckage of the city bus and charged Glory again. Someday, the hero thought to himself as he once more grappled with the incredibly strong super villain, someday he would just have to find a new line of work, something simple and less destructive in nature.

This is Heroes Inc. a Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Taking the Steel and Glory skirmish game system and adding a super hero twist, we have come up with a great comic book hero game. Take your heroes and battle their greatest foes for control of the city. See if you can match the villainous cunning of an arch-fiend, or the super strength charge of some alien menace.

Fully compatible with the other S&G games, Heroes Inc. will see your gaming experience explode with possibilities.

Written by Robert Hemminger