Harker Asylum - Virtual Boxed Set

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Harker Asylum was founded by Professor Abraham Harker, an eminent scientist known for his revolutionary studies on the human mind. Professor Harker inherited his wealth from his father, John Harker, an adventurer famous for successfully fighting an ancient evil. Abraham turned his father's estate into an asylum. For years the asylum was the best institute in the country for curing mental diseases. But one day something mysterious happened . . .

Welcome to Harker Asylum, and get ready to lose your sanity! This gorgeous Virtual Boxed Set contains maps, tiles, battlegrounds, and room templates of a ruined asylum rendered in beautiful detail. 0one Games is proud to present its first product suitable for both fantasy and horror-themed games.

Harker Asylum Virtual Boxed Set Content

  • 5 Maps (8.5" x  11" each)
  • 84 Tiles (6" x 6" each)
  • 3 Battlegrounds (42" x 24" each)
  • 66 Room Templates


  • All maps, tiles, and battlegrounds are customizable through the Rule the Dungeon exclusive feature
  • Tiles are compatible with Tile Designer products
  • Fully bookmarked and hyperlinked

WARNING: You must use Adobe Acrobat 6+ in order to use all the features of this product.

Written by Mario Barbati