Graveyard Dash Z-Day, Mini-Game #100

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Chuck just stood there and watched as old Mrs. Johnson crawled along the pavement towards him. You would think that after a night fighting zombies in the graveyard he and his girlfriend Suzy would be used to seeing zombies trying to eat his brains, but the sight of Mrs. Johnson just sent Suzy into another bout of screaming and pointing at the horror around her. "Poor girl's just about done," Chuck thought to himself as he pulled her away from the approaching zombies drawn by her screams.

After escaping the Graveyard the two had tried to find refuge in the Mall. Gee, that was a bad idea. The whole place was swarming with the walking dead by the time they escaped out the back of the Sporting good store, hockey stick in hand.

Now they were heading for the road outside of town, Chuck having heard on the radio that the army was going to blow the whole town up in a desperate attempt to stop the zombie plague before it spread. Chuck dragged Suzy along behind him, hoping they could reach safety before the zombies or the army killed them both.

Graveyard Dash, Z-Day is a race between the terrified humans trapped in a town swarming with the walking dead. Players take on the role of either the human beings as they flee the graveyard or the zombies that are trying to eat the hapless humans. Played in fast turns, the game is fun, quick and easy to learn.

Written by Robert Hemminger