Future Wars, Set #2, Mini-Game #109

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The Too-Nia squad of warriors scrambled over the hill, their bio-blasters throwing hot death before them. The marines of the fifth regiment tried to hold the bunker and their commander ordered them to continue to hold out until replacement troops could arrive, but it was clear as the hoard of Too-Nia swarmed over the hills that all was lost.

"Hit the self-destruct!" command ordered the Captain as he went down from a bio blast to the head. The marine next to him grinned and entered the command code as he too fell to the enemy fire.

The Too-Nia victory was short lived as the bunker's nuclear core explored, raining radioactive death across the valley the two armies battled over.

This is Avalon Games Future Wars, a great expansion to our Battle Armor universe. Take the action of the battlefield and expand it into a strategic conflict with whole squads and companies of soldiers and futuristic weapon systems. Call down orbital bombardments on your foe while they try to bury you in nuclear fire with their own missiles.

Fully expandable and a great game of futuristic war and struggle, you can't go wrong with this great game system.

Written by Robert Hemminger