Future Wars, Set #1, Mini-Game #108

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General Storm watched the hologrid's display trace lines across the field tent's durocloth wall. The Rebel forces had broken through his southern lines and were even now pushing their way towards his encampment and the orbital beacon. If the rebels captured the beacon the General would be unable to send requests to his orbiting fleet for more troops or supplies.

"Hell we could lose this whole continent for months if they take the beacon," he muttered under his breath.

"Captain Dobson," called the general as he reached for his own laser rifle, "Get your battle-armor equipped marines on the move, we are heading out."

"Sir?" Asked the Captain as the General walked past him, the question more in surprise than doubt.

"That's right Captain, we are going on the offensive," the General replied as he stepped out of the tent into the cold air of the open plain where they had placed their encampment, "Hit them rebels hard and nasty as they come in on our flank. Better to go down fighting than to crawl back home a coward."

This is Avalon Games Future Wars, a great expansion to our Battle Armor universe. Take the action of the battlefield and expand it into a strategic conflict with whole squads and companies of soldiers and futuristic weapon systems. Call down orbital bombardments on your foe while they try to bury you in nuclear fire with their own missiles.

Fully expandable and a great game of futuristic war and struggle, you can't go wrong with this great game system.

Written by Robert Hemminger