Fudge by the Numbers

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FUDGE (Freeform Universal Die Generating Engine) prides itself on being a non-numeric roleplaying system and many good games employ its rules. But what about those of us who find that numbers simplify the situation rather than confuse it?

FUDGE by the Numbers is a reverse-engineered number crunching dice system which is exactly equivalent to standard FUDGE rules. This is not a stand-alone game product; instead it is a translation guide you can use to cast the FUDGE prose descriptions into simple equations.

FUDGE by the Numbers includes:

  • A simple point based character generation system.
  • A description of FUDGE game mechanics from a numeric point of view.
  • Four new Gifts which take advantage of the point system: Gizmo Collection, Minions, Personal Assistant, and Scavenger.
  • A list of Sample FUDGE Equipment, and associated point cost for each one. This equipment runs the gambit from medieval armor and magic swords to cell phones. (Of course you can use the sample equipment in campaigns which don't use the point system.)

    So next time you play FUDGE, rather than trying to remember how many steps it takes to get from Good to Legendary, sit down at the table with this handy reference and play it by the numbers.

    Written by Ramsey Lundock