Firebeetle's Quick Sheets

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All Quick Sheets show:

    • Your AC, including Touch and Flat-footed
    • Skills your GM may have to roll for you, including Hide, Move Silently, Listen, and Spot
    • Your primary missile and melee attacks
    • Your saving throws
    • Your initiative and grapple
    • Your starting HP
    • Your movement rates

Various Quick Sheets may show:

      • Number of spells a day, spell DC, ranges, area templates, and caster level check
      • Tables for skills your class uses
      • Lists of your abilities
      • Modifiers for your abilities
      • Stats for your animal companion or familiar
      • Combat modifiers
      • Alignment guides
      • Stats for raging
      • And lots more!

Written by John McCarty with Artwork by Storn Cook, this product is free. However, per John McCarty (AKA Firebeetle):

"As you know, Gary Gygax -- founder of the game we all know and love -- passed away (March 2008). I would like to make this 'donationware'; if you use this product and find it helpful, please consider a donation to one of Gary's favorite charities: the Christian Children's Fund. This charity believes that all children deserve to live in a world of hope, respect, and understanding. Please consider giving these folks your support. You can find them at: It would make Gary happy."

Written by John McCarty