Fantasyscape Tiles: Temple of Slime

Louis Porter, Jr. Design SKU: LPJ9854


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The pool of slime contained in this room is the centerpiece of evil that exists in this hall. Who or what creature is this temple dedicated to? What is the secret of the Pool of Slime? What happens to those who touch the pool of slime? Will you live long enough to find out?

With this all-new Fantasyscape Tiles: Temple of Slime, you can send PCs on all kinds of new and exciting adventures. The Temple of Slime is a dual-level temple that was created to add ease, detail, and excitement to your campaign. Fantasyscape Tiles: Temple of Slime contains everything you need to print out and construct an immense detailed encounter area or small temple.

This Fantasyscape Tile set contains sixteen 6x6" square tiles with four bonus tiles, for exchangeable, ready-to-use and flexible use for fans of fantasy tile sets that can be used over and over. Upcoming sets will even contain bonus tiles that allow those sets to be used in conjunction with this set and others.

Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.