Fantasy Ships of the High Seas

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Sailing ships on the high seas are the very picture of adventure. But nothing sinks an adventure faster than the typical roleplaying boat: a floating dungeon that maneuvers like a bus.

Fantasy Ships of the High Seas introduces 5 seaworthy vessels for use in your d20 fantasy campaign: The brutally efficient orc galley; the elegant elven clipper; the versatile human frigate; the sturdy dwarven galleon; and the unpredictable gnomish steamship.

Beautifully elaborate (and historically accurate) deck plans bring the ship to life. Each ship includes full game statistics, including nautical weapons. Roleplaying vitals such as crew complements are provided.

If you've ever wanted to know the difference between a "knot" from "tacking," look no further. Fantasy Ships of the High Seas includes enough ship terminology and strategy that even a landlubber won't be in over his head. The game statistics are designed for a d20 game, but the maps and descriptions are universally relevant.

Fantasy Ships of the High Seas takes a serious look at how historical ship tactics change in a world where a single mage can loose a fireball on the enemy every six seconds, or barbarian with a greataxe can cut his way into the side of a ship.

Written by Margaret S Lundock / Ramsey Lundock