Fantasy Maker Handbook

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Welcome to the Fantasy Maker Handbook. This book will guide you along the way to writing down all of the elements you're going to need to consider to write a fantasy roleplaying game setting from top to bottom. Of course, not every possible element you can imagine for a game is covered in this book - that would be impossible - but it is a comprehensive guide that covers all of the important factors.

This book doesn't contain any information or tips on making your game system, but it does help you cover all the story elements.

What you will find in this handbook is all the space you'll need to write out the frame for your fantasy world, as well as some helpful hints along the way. Making a basic game is really simple, and this book covers a lot more than you might expect. You may or may not have considered economy or wildlife, or even political territories and your world's history, but this guide will help to make sure your world has every detail you'll need and more.

So now that you've got your Fantasy Maker Handbook and you have your idea in mind, it's time to get started making your fantasy world.

Then what are you actually going to need other than this book? You're going to need your imagination, some determination, and a handful of tools. If you have good handwriting, a blue pen is a good way to go, but never use liquid paper because it does flake off in time and can make things really hard to read, so keep a red pen on hand as well to cross out mistakes. If you aren't as confident in your handwriting or you think you'll want to make changes as you go, a mechanical pencil is the best way to go, along with a white vinyl eraser.

Written by Dillon Langlands