Explore: Torture Chamber

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With Explore products you can quickly produce visual aids and player handouts related to dungeon rooms. These products allow you to explore dungeon rooms via Quicktime Virtual Reality™ and produce as many snapshots as you desire. You can use these snapshots in many different ways; they can help you build your adventures or help you describe the room to your players by printing them or showing them during the game sessions with a laptop computer, if you have one. Bold gamemasters could even allow the players to explore the room by themselves. Four pregenerated shot are provided, for quick setup sessions.

With these products you add a dynamic perspective to your gameplay.

The Explore products are related to the Battlemaps products where you can find the top-down perspective of the room suitable for miniatures. You can find these rooms in Battlemaps: Dungeon Room Vol. I.

The rooms are sold separately, one product for each room, so you can buy them only if you need.

Important note: You MUST have Quicktime™ installed on your machine in order to use this product.

Written by Mario Barbati