Etherscope Upload: Etherpunk

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Take the Red Pill

Life is harsh on the streets of the Prime Reality. There's only one way to survive: violence - sometimes real, sometimes jacked in to the Etherscope. From New York's spires to Berlin's blackened streets, Scope riders jump the rails whilst street mercenaries and industrialists work the mean streets and factories, looking for pleasure, profit, freedom, or something else entirely. Industrialists, corporate militia, street mercenaries, and the mysterious System agents are both enemies and allies. The best way to gain an edge: upload the right skills and techniques.

Upload the Etherpunk Revolution

This character upload is a must for any Etherscope player or GM. Update your character to the next iteration with new feats, advanced classes, and prestige classes. Cybernaughtics boost your power and versatility, and new combat styles transform your avatar. Hundreds of new options are at your command: which will you upload? Etherscope books are published under the Open Game License and are compatible with d20 Modern rules.

Produced in cooperation with Malladins Gate Press.

Etherscope created by Nigel McClelland and Ben Redmond
Developer: Luke Johnson
Editor: Ken Hart
Art Direction and Graphic Design: Shane Hartley
Cover Art: Jeremy Mohler