Escape from Alcatraz!

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There are plenty of super-prisons, but only one Alcatraz - the last stop for the worst of criminals. In a world of super-powered madmen, mutant convicts, robotic life, and talking apes, Alcatraz still serves as the place criminals Don't Want To Go.

Escape from Alcatraz! updates this classic penitentiary for a super-powered 21st Century. Within you will find meticulously researched historical information about the real-life Alcatraz and those who tried - and failed - to escape from it.

Between the covers of this book, you will find a super-prison like no other, including the daily schedule of activities within the prison, information on the humans (super and otherwise) who form security forces of Alcatraz, how Alcatraz reacts to escapes and security breaches, and the shocking ways that California puts the nation's premier super-prison to use as a money-making enterprise.

But that's not all! A prison, even one with a pedigree like Alcatraz, is nothing without its notorious inmates, and this book has those in spades! Eager to break out of the toughest prison in the world are 22 foes that will challenge even the mightiest heroes! Among them are:

  • The Behemoth: What is not dead may eternal lie . . . but the Behemoth's day is coming, and he won't take things laying down anymore! What is the Behemoth, and why won't he stay dead?
  • The Hollywood All-Stars: The "Evil Twin" defense couldn't save this veteran superhero team from Alcatraz. Now if Nova, White Dwarf, Binary, Pulsar, Neutron and Red Giant can't have glory and fame then no one can!
  • The Foo Fighter: Shaolin vs. Wudang is old school! Meet the new school: the ancient powers of kung fu in the hands of a cattle-mutilating extraterrestrial!
  • Moe Mentum: Given three wishes, blue-collar Moe asked for endless beer and super-speed. The third wish . . . well . . . it didn't work out so well.
  • The Eunuch: Some henchmen get distracted by a pretty face. Not the ax-wielding Eunuch - career henchmen for some of the greatest masterminds in the world.
  • Prince Primeval: Secret Master of the human race, ruler of his own country, rap star, motivational speaker . . . and death row inmate - but not for long if your heroes can't stop his carefully orchestrated plan for escape!
Beyond being a setting book and a collection of super-powered inmates, Escape from Alcatraz! also contains a complete breakout scenario that may involve any or all of those feisty felons contained within its walls!

Full color original art! Maps drawn from the actual plans of Alcatraz itself! A fully detailed prison! 25 superhuman characters with complete histories and powers! 6 mundane staffers! 10 generic stat blocks for generic NPCs such as prison guards and specialized criminals! A total of 80 riotous pages!

All compatible with M&M Second Edition! Keep your campaign safe - put criminals where they belong: in ALCATRAZ!

Written by Jason Tondro