Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers, Mini-Game #52

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General Stormgunden chewed on his cigar and grumbled under his breath. "Damn aliens have destroyed Chicago, Mr. President," he offered as he watched the president pale at the thought of the aliens making their way to D.C. even now. Ever since the Hamster incident, the President had suffered bouts of doubt and indecision. Sure, the nukes used on the monster Hamster had laid waste to half the country, but hell, that still left the other half radiation-free. In his opinion, the general thought, that was a good trade off.

Now though, the strange aliens had arrived, destroying every city that lay in their path. Their flying saucers were damn near unbeatable.

"We got only one choice, sir." the General offered, "Nukes!"

This is a Mini-Game from Avalon Games. The world has survived the rampage of the giant Hamster, Mr. Chips, but can it survive the invasion of aliens - aliens armed with flying saucers and death rays? Only you can stop them, and it's that or watch the world burn. The sequel to Bad Baby's popular Hamster that Ate the World Mini-Game, Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers takes that great game system and stands it on its head. Have fun trying to take over the world or try to defend it with the frail, weakling human forces!

Written by Robert Hemminger