EABA: TimeLords



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The Designers invented time travel to escape the fading of the Milky Way some billions of years from now . . . only to find their extinction in the distant past. As the unwitting inheritors of their unfathomable technology, humanity can now travel through time and dimension, shaping not only history, but histories to suit their whim.

Your adventurers possess the key genetic sequences needed to activate Designer technology. This would normally be a good thing, but the temporal fugitive using you as bait for his unrelenting pursuer didn't tell you this ahead of time. He just dumped you into an alternate dimension and disappeared in a flash of light.

Now, you have to figure out how to Jump and how to survive in order to get home again.

But when you learn to Jump timelines and dimensions, will you even want to go home again?

TimeLords is 160 pages of history-wrenching inspiration, and includes 5 short adventures to test both the wits and skills of novice TimeLords.

Written by Greg Porter