Domain of Blood: Virtual Boxed Set

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Welcome to the Domain of Blood, an entire region that can be plugged easily into your ongoing campaign.

The Domain of Blood is the reign of the feared and mysterious Count Vladimir Drake. Drake's ancestors founded the domain ages ago, and they dominate it ever since.

Drake's Castle overlooks the vale, standing atop an impossibly high pinnacle, like a crow sitting on a banner pole. A long, scary road leads to the castle, going through the spectral Ghostwood Forest. Although an impressive building, the castle is not the sole feature of the vale.

The Ghostwood Forest occupies most of the domain and is largely unexplored, at least by the inhabitants of the nearby village. It is said that Count Vladimir knows the forest perfectly, even if no one has seen him outside his fortress.

The Crimson River cuts the vale in half. A couple of bridges cross it, but few people use them because they both lead to Drake's Castle, and no one is so crazy as to go there.

Blackraven Village is a gloomy bunch of houses sitting at the feet of Raven's Hill. This small community does its best to survive in such a dreaded land.

Domain of Blood Virtual Boxed Set Content

  • The Domain: An overview of the Domain. It contains maps of the whole region.
  • Lord Drake's Castle: This is a redesign of the 2005 Blueprint "Vampire Castle." We have heavily revised the castle by correcting some issues, adding legends and furniture, and expanding the dungeon levels. This is an oversized blueprint containing fourteen maps.
  • Blackraven Village: It contains maps of the village.
  • Blackraven Buildings: It contains maps of the relevant village's buildings.
  • Ghostwood Sites: It contains maps of some of the relevant locations in the Ghostwood Forest.
  • Count Vladimir's Drawing Book (Exclusive to this Boxed Set): A gorgeous full-color booklet containing 18 three-dimensional maps of Drake's Castle, both external and internal, allowing you to taste the intricate architecture of this famous castle.


  • Rule the Dungeon
  • Enhanced customization (choose which features are visible)
  • Alternative hexagonal grid
  • "North" mark available and orientable
  • Master control panel allows you to control all the maps at once
  • Buttons for printing only blue maps or black-and-white maps

WARNING: You must use Adobe Acrobat 6+ in order to use all the features of this product.

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Written by Mario Barbati