Dept. 13, Monster Hunters, Mini-Game #68

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General Shultz ordered his men forward. "Come on Boyz, lets go kill us some giant bugs," he barked. As one the small squad of soldiers marched up the hill, rifles leveled and ready to fire. Thompson was the first to die, the giant ant exploding out of the soft sand under his feet, and taking him down under the ground in one swift motion. "Damn, I guess we should have listened to those boyz at Department 13 after all," mumbled the general as he ordered his men to fall back, a small army of giant ants hot on their boot heels.

This is Dept.13, a Mini-Game from Bad Baby Productions. Taking the S&G skirmish game system and add to it super spies, Nazi undead, occult horror and high-tech science. Dept. 13 is a great mix of genres, all creating the wild world of a hidden war of occult and high tech suspense.

Written by Robert Hemminger