Dark Dungeon, Mini-Game #18

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Jord watched as the elf peered around the corner into the dark chamber before them. The dwarf warrior did not like the smell that was coming out of the dark room; it reminded him too much of his wife's cooking. By the Gods, he thought, the woman could burn toast! Hell that was why he was always seeking out these dark dungeons, any excuse to eat something other then her gruel . . .

The elf signaled the way was not guarded by a trap, and so the dwarf and the small human sorceress took up a position near the entrance while the burly human warrior and the elf entered. As soon as the two stepped into the chamber the whole place lit up with a bright light and the laughter of the necromancer that waited within. Damn, Jord cursed as he watched the hoard of skeletons rush him and his companions. Maybe he should have stayed home today and eaten the roast his wife was burning.

This is Dark Dungeon, the newest Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Hire mercenaries and adventurers and then send them out to explore the many dungeons and adventurous locations about the great city of Mordenhelm. See if you can outlast, out fight, and outsmart the many monsters, traps, and dangers that wait for you in the Dark Dungeons of this city.

Dark Dungeon is a solo game that uses a fast, fun system of encounters and adventurous situations. See if you can meet the challenge and return with the glory you deserve.

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Written by Robert Hemminger