Dark Dungeon 4: Tower of Magic, Mini-Game #30

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Mordenhelm is well known for the many wizards and sorceresses that call the city home. Among those magically adept folk one stands out above all the rest: the Arch Mage Zoon. Zoon is a legend in his own time, a master of magic, and a true hero of the lands. Stories are told day and night of the many adventures the great wizard has had over the years, defeating dragons, tricking demon princes, and battling foul necromancers. Yes, the stories and song offered by the city's many bards about the mage's exploits have turned him into quite the local hero.

The Arch Mage's days of travel, though, are long over; he now sits alone in his great tower of white stone, working on magical treaties and concocting strange magical brews. Few can say they have seen the great mage leave his tower, and fewer still can say that they have ever met him. There are stories of course; stories that he is dead, that his tower lies empty of guardians, waiting for the brave thief to enter and take his vast treasures and magical toys.

Dark Dungeon 4: Tower of Magic is the an adventure for the Dark Dungeon solo game system. Do you dare enter the Tower of Zoon and seek your fortune?

Written by Robert Hemminger