Daemornia RPG: 2nd Edition

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Daemornia takes us to a sinister future where our world is still reeling from an invasion.

We had entered our greatest age, yet in our success we opened our world to an enemy without reason or remorse.

Daemonic forces, led by a dark lord, poured across the land. We fought with all we had, but the weapons of tomorrow were no match for the unrivaled brutality of this ancient evil. Only together, with the Offworlders, were we able to hold back the tide of destruction and complete slavery.

Now the world is a different place. Humankind is no longer alone. Only the shells of the icons of a glorious, technological past remain as the old cities lie in ruins. Techno-communities are closely guarded bastions of yesterday. Most have taken to a simpler way of life, embracing the grip of a good weapon, or learning the arcane or psionic arts.

Enjoy this complete system which includes a comprehensive mechanic, seven different character races, career paths, magic, psionics, a large bestiary, and the minions of darkness.

Written by Michael Lirko