Customizable Battlemaps: Dungeon Rooms Vol. I

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Welcome to Customizable Battlemaps! This product marks a small revolution within map-related products. 01 Games, the first publisher to sell a d20 PDF product, now brings to you the first customizable-map PDF product!

Did you ever dream of making the gorgeous battlemaps produced by 01 for yourself? Do you want an alchemist laboratory map, but with the objects you decide inside? Do you want to add a trap under the staircase or change the treasure room so that it is plundered? Do you want to change the map of a room for the player who visits it for the second time? With this new, exciting product you can do all of these and more! Still, you will have a beautiful, superbly rendered map to throw under the feet of your players' miniatures.

With Customizable Battlemaps you can quickly modify the popular battlemaps produced by 01. With a few clicks you can modify the objects, the doors, and even the lighting of the room. Want the door opened? Click, done. Want the door shattered? Click, done. With each map you can produce and print an average of 3,000 different maps! Customizable Battlemaps features:

  • Intuitive Interface: No troubles: few clicks to modify and print your favorite map.
  • PDF format: Runs on practically every computer in the world.
  • Control Sheet: Each map comes with a control sheet you should visualize with the map page in order to see the changes you apply in real time.
  • Lighting Controls: You can change the lighting type of the room. You can use standard lighting, low lighting, and spotlight.
  • Default Presets: These are the built-in presets. Each map has four built-in presets. These are the most common room configurations: plundered room, empty room, and the like.
  • Custom Presets: This feature allows you to store your maps. Once you've assembled your map, click on "save preset" to save it, and on "load preset" to recall it.
  • Room Title and Description: You can store custom room titles and descriptions with the maps. The title you type here will be stored in the preset you save and will be printed on one side of the map. The field description allows you to store notes about your map.
  • B&W Version: You can generate a black-and-white, ink-saving version of the map; just one click to do it.
  • Map Control: The B&W miniature map shows (red-highlighted zones) the areas you can click and change. Your click cycles the various configurations of each zone. For example: if you click on the door once, the door will open; if you click on the door one more time, the door will appear broken on the floor; if you click again, the door will return closed. Each zone could have two or more options; click to discover them.

Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati