Complete Guide to Velociraptors

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Velociraptors are not the largest dinosaurs, nor the strongest, nor the scariest. A tyrannosaur can eat a tribe of velociraptors for dinner, a brachiosaur shakes the earth with every footstep, and a kronosaur can swallow a boat whole. Yet velociraptors are the most feared of all dinosaurs, for a single reason: they are smarter than humans. Homo sapiens' tool-using opposable thumb is its only advantage over Velociraptor mongoliensis. But in game worlds where raptors can observe humans and their tools, the raptors learn quickly, and the advantages of a thumb diminish with every passing day.

The Complete Guide to Velociraptors features:

  • Full background on velociraptors, including history, beliefs, shamanistic powers, detailed tribal structures, and relationships with humans and other dinosaurs - "the ecology of velociraptors," so to speak.
  • Inventive raptor-specific combat tactics that maximize their native speed and cunning.
  • Rules for playing velociraptor characters, including raptor-specific classes and feats, plus templates for NPCs.
  • A fully developed velociraptor tribe ready for insertion into any campaign, as well as extensive scenario hooks and adventure ideas.
  • Supplemental material online, including magic rules.
Written by Joseph Goodman