Complete Guide to Beholders

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Behold: the ultimate resource for the ultimate monster. With enough material to sustain a campaign for years, The Complete Guide to Beholders offers a completely new perspective on this misunderstood monster. Far more than simply a book of new options, this work is a transformation of the beholder. It expands their social structure and cultural life in new ways, forever changing the way you play them. Inside you will find:

  • A comprehensive look at the different varieties of beholders, including the nation-like Dominions by which they separate themselves, the differing ideologies of each Dominion, and stats for more than a dozen variants, including the Eyetouched template.
  • An eye-opening look at beholder cultists and their infiltration of humanoid civilizations, including everything you need to play a cultist or one of the beholders' corrupted eyekin servants.
  • A detailed guide to creating memorable beholder encounters, adventures, and long-term campaigns, covering tactical advice for combat, maps of common beholder lair designs, and new classes, feats, equipment, and magic items just for beholders.
  • New player options for fighting against beholders, including new classes, spells, and organizations.
  • And much more, all of it compatible with the 3.5 revision, with free bonus material available online.

Preview: Learn more about the beholder cultist, the eyekin, and the new classes open to them! Click here for this 8-page preview of new character options from The Complete Guide to Beholders. (PDF, 500K)

Free Bonus Material: The Cultist-Monks of the Abbey Inn is a free encounter that introduces characters to the eyekin, beholder cultists, and vast conspiracies ruled by the eye tyrants. Click here to download (250K PDF).

Reviews: EN World, 5 stars. "If you're into Beholders or are thinking of something new to make as the main antagonist for the party, from low level to high levels, then you need to pick up the Complete Guide to Beholders."

Written by Keith Baker / Neal Gamache / Matt Sprengeler