Combat!: A Military Action Game

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Combat!: A Military Action Game

Whether as a member of an elite special forces team, an intelligence group, tank crew, or in command of large armies, players can now bring the pulse-pounding action of military conflict to their gaming table.

This game includes such topics as:

  1. Military characters with a wide variety of jobs. Included are all the rules you need to play a variety of roles in a military campaign (from Private to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Special Forces to Tank Driver, and more).
  2. Using the Action! System, players can create any character they can imagine!
  3. Lots of related military skills, Advantages, Disadvantages.
  4. Military equipment (including weapons, vehicles, and personal equipment used by troops in the field)
  5. Numerous optional combat rules to allow the GM to create a more realistic or less realistic flavor to their game.
  6. Rules for mass combat, so that a character can now take command of a unit, a ship, or an entire nation's armed forces and wage war on a global scale!
  7. Great military graphics.
  8. Nearly all of the text of this game is being released as Open Game Content. This is in support of the Open Game movement, and with hope that other game designers will further develop the genre.
  9. Much, much more! This game will also be followed up by numerous supplements that will add even more flavor and options.

The time is now to get into the game, and Report for Duty!

Written by William Andersen