Coins of Fletnern

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Every adventurer hopes to fill his pockets with coins, but what do they look like? How much do they weigh? Is it really gold, or is it something else? This supplement is going to give you dozens of examples of coins, including coins that don’t look anything like the coins you might think of. These coins are set in the World of Fletnern, but there’s no reason they have to stay there. These coins can easily be brought into your game, no matter what world you are using. Enjoy!

This supplement is made up of 21 pages containing:

  • Details of the coins themselves along with any essential notes and information
  • A brief explanation of how these all work together and what the currency trade looks like
  • Some notes on the High Order of Telepathy, a global banking group that handles financial transactions
  • A brief summary of the World of Fletnern in hope that some of this all makes sense

Written by John Josten