Cloud Wars, Mini-Game #21

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Vermix roared as the zeppelin's cannons blasted into him, the great dragon screaming in terrible pain as a cannon ball smashed into his armored hide. Any other dragon might have been blown from the skies with such a volley of lead shot, but Vermix was no weakling. He was one of the true kings of the skies. The wizards of Tor thought they could take the dragon lord's territory without much of a fight from the mighty red dragon, but these wizards were fools, for Vermix never surrendered and had yet to lose a battle for control of the clouds that he called home.

This is Cloud Wars, yet another Mini-Game from Avalon Games. In Cloud Wars, you and other players take on the role of mighty air ships, eagle riders, and lords of cloud castles as you battle for control of the skies above a fantasy world. The first expansion for the Dragon Wars game, now players can lead forces of wizard-forged zeppelins and marshal squadrons of mighty eagle riders. Fully compatible with Dragon Wars, have fun and battle for the skies.

Cloud Wars uses a fast, turn-based system: the combat is swift, the excitement nail biting, and the strategy intense. Do you dare enter the world of dragons, wizards, and cannons?

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Written by Robert Hemminger