Classroom Deathmatch

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Kidnapped by the government and transported to a mysterious Battleground, 50 Japanese high school students are forced to fight to the death in the brutal televised contest called Classroom Deathmatch!

From the creators of Panty Explosion comes a viciously ingenious role-playing game that asks tough questions and forces players to make difficult choices. A game of trust, friendship, murder, and betrayal. Welcome to Classroom Deathmatch!

Classroom Deathmatch is 106 pages of complete awesomeness! Inside you'll find:

  • A self-contained game for 4 or more players. You do not need a copy of Panty Explosion to play this game!
  • 50 pre-made characters! An entire class of students ready to do battle!
  • New rules for Flashback Scenes, Sorrow Dice, collecting Kills, using Special Techniques and more! Classroom Deathmatch takes the Panty Explosion rules engine and improves on it with expanded sections for scene creation and conflict resolution!
  • 3 detailed Battlegrounds, complete with maps! Also includes rules for creating your own Battleground!
  • A full list of 100 unique weapons! Everything from guns and knives to chainsaws and power drills!
  • Guidelines for using Panty Explosion's psychic powers and demons in Classroom Deathmatch!
  • Over 20 new illustrations!
Written by Jake Richmond / Matt Schlotte