Captain's Log #37 Color SSDs

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The SSDs from Captain's Log #37 are now available in color. Check out these ships:

New ships for Star Fleet Battles: Kzinti advanced technology light cruiser, Orion advanced technology Double Raider, Lyran Panther advanced technology light cruiser, ISC advanced technology war cruiser, Lyran heavy frigate and heavy destroyer, Klingon SD7 strike cruiser, WYN-Orion flagship cruiser and flagship battlecruiser, Wyn-Federation police cutter, WYN-ISC C-destroyer, WYN-Seltorian frigate and destroyer, WYN-Gorn police frigate, and WYN-Romulan SeaHawk. The Federation Commander Lyran heavy frigate and heavy destroyer and Klingon SD7 strike cruiser are suitable for use with Star Fleet Battles.

New ships for Federation Commander: Hydran Gendarme police cutter, Federation strike carrier and Klingon D7V strike carrier (Borders of Madness), Klingon B9 fast battleship, Lyran heavy frigate and heavy destroyer, and Klingon SD7 strike cruiser.

Written by Stephen Cole