Book of Races

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One of the most important aspects of a character's background is their race. Most fantasy games have several races living and fighting among themselves, each with their own unique appearance, powers, and outlook on life. The Book of Races is the first Worlds of Wonder expansion, that seeks to take the racial makeup of a character and allow the players and GMs to expand on that racial background.

Within this expansion to the Worlds of Wonder RPG system you will find nine racial skill sets, each offering characters of that race new options, skills, and powers. Expand your character's abilities by increasing their ranks within the skills offered by their own racial skill set.

This expansion comes complete with the following . . .

  • Nine racial skill sets covering Centaurs, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Giants, Halflings, Merfolk, and Winged Folk.
  • A fully bookmarked PDF, with several full-color illustrations of different racial types.
  • Updated pages for your printed version of the core rules, covering rules added with this expansion.
  • Lifetime updates, should we upgrade or revise the system in any way.

Don't just create a character, live one by using the Worlds of Wonder system, and have a gaming experience like no other.

Written by Robert Hemminger