Book of Foes

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Need more nasty bad guys to beat on? Do your players find they have grown tired of fighting the same goblin over and over again? Well, Avalon Games is happy to bring you evil GMs more foes to trouble your heroic players. Within the pages of the Book of Foes you will find 20 new opponents to taunt adventurers. Have them battle a Dwarven Berserker, or test their skills against the deadly Elven Blade Dancer. Maybe they are ready for the terrible might of the Storm Giant or the illusions of the Ogre Magi. Whatever your needs, Avalon Games is ready to help you out with its newest Worlds of Wonder expansion.

Also included in this expansion are three new racial skill sets. Now your goblins, ogres, and trolls can advance in their dark arts of killing and rampage.

Within the Book of Foes you will find . . .

  • Three new racial skill sets.
  • 20 new foes to fight, including the Goblin Bone Dancer, Ogre Slaver, Stone Lord Giant, Lizardman, and more.
  • Updated pages for the core rules.
  • Fully bookmarked for easy use.
  • Lifetime updates, should we upgrade or revise the system in any way.

Try this and other Worlds of Wonder expansions, and have an adventure.

Note that this is not a stand-alone product, and requires that you have a copy of the Worlds of Wonder RPG system.

Written by Robert Hemminger