Book of Drakes

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Small and Mighty (and sometimes mighty small)!

There are no such things as "lesser" draconic kin, but lurking among the further branches of the dragon's family tree are many strange and wondrous creatures perhaps less powerful than their cousins but no less crafty or formidable. Shaped by their environment and powerful shapers of it, drakes interact with humans and other races a great deal, and from such relationships and rivalries are great adventures born!

The Book of Drakes takes you on a guided tour of the workings and habits of these enigmatic and oft-overlooked creatures. Herein you'll discover:

  • The crag drake, bane of mountaineers and miners,
  • The pact drake, an embodiment of law,
  • The innovative gear drake,
  • Drakes immediately ready for play: 20+ drakes in all.
  • Drake spells, familiars, and companions
  • Feats and abilities, and much more!

The book also includes a system for building new or modifying existing drakes for any party of any level in any environment.

From Midgard to your home setting, drakes provide unique adversaries, unusual companions, and compelling NPCs. Don't miss this chance to push your game to the next level.

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Written by Adam Daigle / Mike Welham