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People have been disappearing from the countryside at an alarming rate. While all signs point toward the vicious mercenary group known as the Black Hand, there is something more insidious afoot. An evil force thought long dead has given rise to a new power, a power that will stop at nothing to gather the flesh and blood it needs. Unless a group of stalwart heroes can put an end to the threat of Bloodhollow, the denizens of the surrounding lands will serve as fuel for its dark journey.

Bloodhollow is an adventure for 7th-level characters. Artwork by Michael Orwick; Edited by Tad Kelson. Cartography by Niklas Brandt. 44 pages; Two versions are included (one with borders and one without) for ease of printing. $5.99.

What the Reviewers Say . . .
"This adventure rocks!!! There is as much deadly danger for the bad guys as there is for the players and little good for all if the puppet mistress Llandrix succeeds in freeing herself and we haven't gotten halfway through the book!!" -- Bruce Boughner@the d20 Magazine Rack.

 Written by Steven Montano