Blackdyrge's Templates: Spawn of Apophis

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Blackdyrge's Templates returns with a new template based on the fearsome god-serpent from Egyptian mythology: Apophis. The spawn of Apophis are the half-mortal progeny of the fell deity, and are possessed with the same rapacious and destructive nature as their divine progenitor. All spawn are gifted with a host of terrible abilities that includes: a charming gaze, virulent poison, and the horrific ability to swallow their prey whole and wriggling.

So if your dragons, serpents, and other scaly creatures just aren't fearsome enough, give them a kick with Blackdirge Publishing and the spawn of Apophis.

Blackdyrge's Templates - Spawn of Apophis contains 10 pages of new d20 material and includes the following:

  • An introduction by Blackdyrge
  • The spawn of Apophis template
  • Iconic monster #1 - The Great Serpent of Apophis
  • Iconic monster #2 - Narganaryx, a powerful black dragon spawn of Apophis
  • Stunning illustrations by Hunter McFalls

Written by Aeryn Rudel