Blackdyrge's Templates: Elder Fiend

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The infamous sage of monsters returns in an all new series from Blackdirge Publishing: Blackdyrge's Templates.

Each installment of Blackdyrge's Templates presents a brand new monster template for the d20 system, guaranteed to make your monsters meaner, and your PCs quake with terror. Each template is introduced by the sagacious monster hunter himself in an excerpt from one of his infamous bestiaries. In addition, Blackdyrge's Templates presents two example monsters for each template, one from each end of the CR spectrum. These iconic critters are fully fleshed NPCs, complete with a description, background information, a section on tactics and combat, and more importantly to the intrepid adventurer, what manner of treasure they might carry.

Blackdyrge's Templates kick off with the elder fiend, as Blackdyrge explores the terror-haunted realms of the lower planes. The elder fiend is an evil outsider that has forsaken the normal advancement of its kind, instead choosing to remain in its current form and follow an ancient and forgotten path to ultimate fiendish might.

Want to make your PCs clutch their character sheets in horror at the mere mention of demons and devils? Try the elder fiend template from Blackdirge Publishing and turn your evil outsiders into the stuff of nightmares.

Blackdyrge's Templates - Elder Fiend contains 9 pages of new d20 material and includes the following:

  • An introduction by Blackdyrge
  • The elder fiend template
  • Iconic monster #1 - the elder dretch
  • Iconic monster #2 - Vexicus: a fully advanced elder horned devil
  • Stunning art by Hunter McFalls

Written by Aeryn Rudel