Blackdyrge's Templates: Abominable

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Blackdyrge is back with a brand new template guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine. The abominable template transforms your giants, humanoids, and monstrous humanoids into the infamous "abominable snowmen" of fable and legend. Abominable creatures are stronger and tougher then their temperate counterparts, and can bring a number of potent abilities related to snow and ice to bear upon their foes.

So, if you need a critter to terrorize the frozen tundras and arctic wastes of your campaign world, try Blackdirge Publishing and the abominable template.

Blackdyrge's Templates - Abominable contains 8 pages of new d20 material and includes the following:

  • An introduction by Blackdyrge
  • The abominable template
  • Iconic monster #1 - The frosthorn minotaur
  • Iconic monster #2 - The glacier hag
  • Marvelous illustrations by Jesse Mohn

Written by Aeryn Rudel