BATTLESHIFT Fleet Book, Human Powers

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If you are already a fan of Astral Empires: Battleshift you know what it is to send your massive fleet into combat against your enemies in the deep darkness of space. Now you can add new several new fleets to your efforts at galactic domination in this first official supplemental resource for Battleshift.

Fleet Book #1-The Human Powers details the fleets of the New Terran Alliance, the Drakeworld Republic, the Vattaran Regency and the Frontier Worlds League. With additional background information about the Astral Empires universe of 04000 AD, this book will expand both your options for gaming Battleshift and your knowledge of this fascinating new universe.

Included is:

  • Background information on each of these four fleets
  • An overview of naval warfare in the 04000s
  • New rules for having mixed ships in a squadron
  • Battleshift statistics for 32 different starship classes
  • Ship counters for each of the fleets
  • Blank fleet record sheets
  • Additional micro-counters for those really, really big battles

Written by Kevin Monk