Battlemaps Lairs: White Dragon's Lair

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Welcome to Battlemaps Lairs.

These products are part of the acclaimed Master Accessories line. Each product features a small monster's lair, usually three or four rooms, that can be easily added to your ongoing campaign. For each product, you get a wonderful overview map and three or four battlemaps for miniature games, detailing each room of the lair. The battlemaps are superb 3D renderings at the stunning resolution of 150 DPI, which allows you to obtain an amazing print quality. For each map, you also get a grayscale-optimized version.

In addition, Battlemaps Lairs offer you a degree of customization. At the bottom of each color map you will find a checkbox (that will not be printed) that allows you to make the room "empty." Thus, if you do not need that sarcophagus in the mummy's tomb (perhaps because it doesn't fit in your story), you can easily remove it.

White Dragon's Lair

The ice tunnel comes to an end and you enter a cold cavern filled with ice; a frozen pool stands just beside you. Suddenly a cloud of frozen air sneaks from behind a stalactite, followed by a loud roar . . . The white dragon's lair consists of three sequential caverns; in the caverns are scattered stalactites and ice crystals that give an eerie feel to the complex. The first cavern contains a frozen water pool, just beside the entrance. The second chamber is where the dragon probably spends most of its time and contains nothing (if the dragon is out for food) or it may contain the dragon's eggs. The third cavern is the most desired by all adventurers: the treasure chamber. Here all kinds of treasures are scattered. Some hints to use the lair follow:

• The PCs are hunting for the dragon's lair in a solitary mountain. When the party enters the cavern, they find a number of runes encircling the frozen pool. The runes seem to have been erased in some spots. A PC wizard may tell the runes indicate some sort of summoning. In the second cavern, the party finds the frozen corpse of a wizard, grasping a frozen staff. The wizard attempted to slay the dragon by summoning a powerful ice devil. The devil slaughtered the wizard and killed the dragon, but fell prey to a mighty magical item in the treasure vault, which bound him there. Now the gelugon is waiting for an opportunity to flee, and the PCs may be that opportunity . . .

• The PCs are hired by an old man who claims to have a map leading to the treasure cavern of a now-dead dragon. The old man leads the PCs to the cavern. When the PCs arrive in the second chamber, they find the frozen remains of an adventuring party. One of the corpses grasps a strange magical item: a small statuette shaped like a white dragon. Once the PCs put the item in a sack, the old man polymorphs into a white dragon. The magical item has the power, if not hidden by something, to repel a white dragon. While the dragon managed to slay the group, the statuette remained in clear view, and the wyrm needed someone to cover the magical item on his behalf. Once covered, of course, the dragon has no need of the party . . .


Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati