Battle Axe, Realm's Wizard

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Traveling mages of all skill, wisdom and lore can be found in the bright realms. They are often found where trouble is brewing, for it is an open secret that most are members of the Order Arcane, a collection of wizards and priests that seek to guard the realms from danger. The common saying is that if a Wizard has come to visit, so too have the crows of woe. Still, few can offer the magic that these men have to bring to the battlefield and more than one lord has seen the day won by a wizard's spells.

  • Full stats on the Wizard
  • FAQ of all their cards
  • 9 Full Color cards, X3 Common, X3 Uncommon, X2 Rare and One unique

Add some magic to your game.

Note that this is not a full game, you will need Battle Axe to use this product.

Written by Robert Hemminger