Battle Axe, Elven War Host

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The Elven War Host offers you the basics for fielding an Elven War Band using the Battle Axe game system. Included in this product are the following.

  • Elven Faction Deck with 15 different elven-based cards.
  • Elven Warrior: the basic foot soldier in the Elven War Band, this character comes with a full description, stats, and 15 different full-color cards.
  • Elven Archer: a mainstay of the elven force, this character comes with full stats and 6 different full-color cards.
  • Elven Blade Dancer: a deadly warrior, she comes with full stats and 9 different full-color cards.
  • Elven Objective Cards.

A great way to start any Battle Axe series, collect this and the other Elven Faction characters to build larger, more deadly War Bands.

    Note that this is not a complete game; you will need a copy of Battle Axe to use this product.

    Written by Robert Hemminger