Battle Armor, Mini-Game #2

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The plasma burst exploded too close for Chaves' comfort. He kicked in his jet booster and moved to a new location before the enemy could pinpoint his position. As he leapt into the sky, the jets sending him high over the alien trees, Sgt. Chaves made a quick recon of the battlefield as it appeared below him. On his heads-up display, sensors marked where each of the other four members of his squad were located and where the enemy troopers where positioned . . . or as best he could tell from what his scanners were telling him.

As he hopped over the terrain he became exposed and incoming fire began to pelt his armor. Best to stay low, he figured, as he hit the ground running. Over his communication link, the lieutenant was yelling to Private Jones to lay down suppressing fire on the enemy units set up on the low hill to the right. Another day in the Core, Chaves sighed, as he headed off to that same hill to kill more of the enemy.

This is Battle Armor, the second Mini-Game by Avalon Games. Wars in the future will be fought by heavily armored warriors. Powered Battle Suits that are mobile, heavily armored and capable of laying down a path of destruction like no other weapon ever made, will rule the future of warfare.

In Battle Armor, you take control of a single man or a squad of battle suit armed warriors as they fight their endless and bloody wars in the future. Everything you need to play the game is included: rules, full color counters, map boards and terrain tiles.

Fast, easy to play and quick to learn, Battle Armor will supply you with endless hours of fun.

This is the third edition of this great game with a new cover, full cover layout and a print friendly version for easy play.

Written by Robert Hemminger